The most fun car I’ve ever owned! This Focus ST is a visceral explosion with every push of the gas pedal.  It was special ordered, and it has been in my possession its entire life.  This ST has been very well cared for, and professionally modified to produce nearly 280 hp and 375 ft/lbs of torque! Included is COBB’s excellent AccessPort v3 tuning/monitoring/diagnostic device, loaded with COBBs OTS tunes and Panda Motorworks Custom tunes ($650 worth of tuning alone). I’ll also throw in some of the goodies I collected while enjoying this car, including a Ford Performance certificate showing its limited, first year status, along with the original dealer booklet, a copy of the oil analysis done after engine break-in by Blackstone Labs, the official ST poster and brochure from the launch, a copy of every American magazine that reviewed and compared the ST that year, pictures of the car shown at Carlisle, a copy of the Panda Motorworks calendar the car was featured in

Location: Lake George, New York, United States

Price: Auction <- check here if it's still available

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Originally listed on March 14, 2016. Note that older listings are displayed for reference and will most probably not be available.