This Chrysler Crossfire is tastefully done and has many rare and unique modifications on it…it has been in some local magazines and won many shows. Its a headturner and a unique attention grabbing car. Many people dont know what it is and i believe the value of this car the way it is will go up in the future due to the rarity especially with the “cult” followers of this breed of car. I have had the vehicle since early 2010 when it only had 8,000 miles on it, the car mechanically is in great condition as well as cosmetically…Overall the car is an 8.5 out of 10 i will disclose 3 minor things that are needing attention on the car the headliner fabric has been removed due to it sagging, the door panels have a few slight hazy spots that will need to be buffed out if you want them 100%, and the car has a check engine light that goes on and off from a spotty secondary air pump relay which is a $5 part and is very common on these cars but is not vital to pass inspection so I never fixed it. Car has been on a dyno around 270 HP is the best config from the tune i received…and 32 MPG is the best gas mileage i ever got so it is pretty fuel efficient.

Price: Auction

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